Wee Box for Gents


You can pick and choose from the products below to create the perfect gift:

  • Skin care products including a shave soap & brush or moisturising lotion
  • Organic, ethically traded bar of chocolate
  • Bag of ‘large leaf’ pyramid teabags
  • Bag of whole bean coffee
  • Nutdust
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In this gift set you can choose to include a skin care product from Siabann’s Bearr Man range including a bar of shave soap with brush or a bottle of Soothe, a lotion that moisturises and hydrates skin after shaving.  If you are feeling particularly generous you can even include both!  We have included a bar of chocolate from Coco Chocolatier. Coco is an Artisan Chocolatier based in Edinburgh that specialises in ethically traded, organic chocolate that also happens to taste absolutely delicious.  Their chocolate uses the highest quality ingredients and their flavours are well balanced and beautifully rich.  You do, however, have to make the tough choice between four incredible flavours, the dark chocolate in Gin & Tonic and Orange, Lemon & Geraniun or the milk chocolate with Hazelnut & Isle of Skye Sea Salt*.  You can then tailor your gift box to include a pack of luxury, large-leaf tea from the Tea Lovers’ Company, an ethical tea producer established in St Andrews.  They produce incredible, high quality tea and all profits go to educational charities in the tea-growing communities.  You can choose between Islay Lapsang and Mulled Spice.  You can also select a bag of whole bean coffee from Forth Coffee Roaster, another fantastic Scottish supplier. Finally, you have the option to include a little bottle of Nutdust!  This is Scottish male body powder made from all natural ingredients formulated to dry, freshen and combat chaffing.  A healthy, natural and cruelty-free alternative to talcum powder.

Additional information

Skin Care

Shave Soap & Brush, Soothe (+£2.50), Both (+£12.50)


Hazelnut & Sea Salt (milk), Gin & Tonic (dark), Orange, Lemon & Geranium (dark)


Mulled Spice Tea (+£5), Islay Lapsang Tea (+£5), No Thanks


Mexican Berilo Coffee (+£3), Ethiopian Limu Coffee (£3), No Thanks


Yes Please! (+£5), No Thanks


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